Informationsbristkostnad : Värdet av rätt information, på rätt plats, i rätt tid

by Ljungh, Victoria; Johannesson, Marcus

Abstract (Summary)
Quality is yet to have a general definition. The most common one today is said to be “something that is well made and durable”.During the last decade the concept quality costs has become costs for lack of quality which has made way for a new concept to arise: costs for lack of information. It is common knowledge among entrepreneurs that the lack of quality costs money. In the same way, the lack of information contributes its share to a company’s monthly expenses.To get a grip of a company’s costs for lack of information, it is of great importance to understand that it is part of a greater general notion – costs for the lack of quality. The only difference is that it faces and deals with the most important question: why lacks do arise.Most already know that the costs for overcoming and coping with a problem that has already emerged is much more expensive, than the costs for preventing them in an earlier stage. For this to be possible, the company must first define its lack of information, to be able to work upon and hinder them before they arise and become a cost.The costs for lack of information can be described as such that become apparent in a link of the information chain, which has resulted in a lack of routine. This culminates in a shortage of information for which the primarily purpose is to give its support so that the enterprise can achieve its goals.It is often the smallest mistakes in both the production chain and the administrative information chain that cost the most. With the guidance of introduced routines and the individual’s focus on the costs for the lack of information, these can be prevented. Money can be saved on costs that the company didn’t know it had.If a company can handle its flows of information to minimize the lacks of information there are many profitable competition advantages to gain. Because in the end, everything is about giving the right person the right information, on the right place, at the right time, in the right form.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:information logistics costs for lack of quality


Date of Publication:03/13/2007

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