Informal and formal channels of communication preferred and used in the adoption of ranching practices by livestock producers in the state of Nuevo Leon of northeastern Mexico

by Lazenby, William Lee

Abstract (Summary)
This descriptive research was undertaken to investigate the preferred channels of

communication used in the adoption of livestock production practices by ranchers in the

northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Le??n. The study builds on previous research by Freund

(1999). Freund??s study concluded that ranchers in Nuevo Le??n preferred the Uni??n Ganadera as

their primary source. However, the producers indicated some communication preferences that

resulted in the Uni??n adjusting some of their efforts to reach out to their membership. This study

was designed to revisit those livestock producers to investigate what changes had occurred in

their preferences for communication since the Freund (1999) study.

This research was conducted in the state of Nuevo Le??n, Mexico. The methodology used

was a survey employing a questionnaire to collect data. The convenience sample consisted of 273

active members of the Uni??n Ganadera Regional de Nuevo Le??n (UGRNL) who attended

regularly scheduled association functions.

A principal objective of the research was to describe the communication infrastructure

used in the state of Nuevo Le??n by UGRNL livestock producers. Another objective of the

research was to describe preferred formal and informal channels of communication that livestock

producers use to get information about ranching practices. Yet another objective was to describe what UGRNL livestock producers use as primary sources of information when choosing to adopt

or reject agricultural practices, as well as investigating what secondary and feedback channels

they prefer. Another objective was to determine which husbandry practices UGRNL livestock

producers want more information about. Finally, an emphasis of the study was on what

communication channels smaller stakeholders prefer, because the Uni??n wants to use that

information to improve its diffusion of technology to that particular group of producers.

Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Briers, Gary; Hamilton, Wayne; Murphy, Timothy; Pina, Manuel, Jr.; Shinn, Glen

School:Texas A&M University

School Location:USA - Texas

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:communication ranching nuevo leon livestock


Date of Publication:08/01/2005

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