Influence of geometry on light harvesting in dendrimeric systems /

by Bentz, Jonathan Lee.

Abstract (Summary)
The effect of imposing different constraints (biases, boundary conditions) on the mean time to trapping (or mean walklength) for a particle (excitation) migrating on a finite dendrimer lattice with a centrally-positioned trap is explored. By mobilizing the theory of finite Markov processes, one is able to obtain exact analytic expressions for site-specific walklengths as well as the overall walklength for both nearest-neighbor and second-nearest-neighbor displacements. A novel feature of this work is the establishment of a connection between the random walk models studied here and percolation theory. The full dynamical behavior was also determined via solution of the stochastic master equation, and the results obtained compared with recent spectroscopic experiments.
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School:Iowa State University

School Location:USA - Iowa

Source Type:Master's Thesis



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