Influence of education on employability, employment, and career advancement of adult legal immigrants to the U. S.

by Labinski, Mark.

Abstract (Summary)
Finding employment promptly after arrival is the first priority for most adult legal immigrants to the U.S. Having completed the immigration process at American embassies worldwide, these immigrants often come to this country with families, and they bring over an array of educations obtained in their native countries. This study examined the influence of education, obtained both in the immigrants' native countries and in the U.S., on their employability, securing employment, and career advancement. It was found that, as far as employment in this country was concerned, the influence of education obtained outside the U.S. was, in the study participants' views, direct. The prevailing opinion among the participants was that education obtained outside the U.S. can be utilized once obstacles are removed such as lack of knowledge about the written and unwritten rules of the American employment culture or lack of guidance and community support. Regarding education obtained in the U.S., it was found that, in the participants' views, English as a Second Language and Vocational English as a Second Language Education classes attended in this country had a positive effect on their success in the American world of labor. ESL and VESL programs helped adult legal immigrants indirectly with finding jobs. It was found that the adult immigrants attending ESLNESL classes greatly appreciated these teaching methods that fostered their acquisition of employability and employment culture related skills and that the ESLNESL teachers' knowledge and professional preparation were crucial. Additionally, it was found that the English language proficiency andlor fluency, together with the immigrants' level of acculturation influenced greatly their chances to succeed in the American world of labor. The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie, WI
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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