Indicadores ambientais em indústrias do setor madeireiro da Cidade de Caçador/SC

by Salamoni, Franciane Luiza

Abstract (Summary)
Currently not obstinate the conferred legal protection to the environment, has an extreme deforestation of the forests, what it generates consequences, as erosion and pollution, andresults in the ecological balance in addition. The lumber industries are between that if they show annihilators of the forests, mainly for its extractive character e, many times, without the concern of the replacement of the native bush. In this context, the lumber industries of Hunter, state of Santa Catarina, focus of this research are inserted, that had as objective generality to analyze as they are understood and applied the ambient pointers for the lumber industries ofthe related city and which the investments (countable controls) gotten in its implantation. The research, characterized as descriptive and documentary, and of qualitative and quantitative character, used as instruments of collection of data the questionnaire, applied to theadministrators of the 27 companies of Caçador, SC, and the interview half-structuralized, applied the controllers of the 23 participant companies. As result of the research, it wasverified that, even so they are in a sufficiently embryonic process, the majority of the companies possess the conscience of the existence and necessity of the Law, even so do not use it in its integrity; that the companies are not worried about the punishments that will be able to receive decurrently from the not-applicability of the constant principles of the CLT, of what with the involvement with the local community; that the companies little use referringcountable plans to the ambient management, involving costs and/or benefits in its application; e that the use of an ambient chart of accounts countable/still is distant of being implanted by the companies of this sector
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Advisor:Denise Del Prá Netto Machado; Carlos Hideo Arima; Jorge Eduardo Scarpin

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ambient pointers lumber companies environment


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