India is a secular state : a study of how teachers at Jiva Public School integrate religious education in their subjects

by Edberg, Mikaela

Abstract (Summary)
This report is based on a field study that was carried out in India. The aim of this field study is to find out how the religious education is carried out at Jiva Public School in Faridabad. The questions that are tried to be answered are if the teachers at this school integrate religious education in some of their subjects, if they see any problems performing this kind of education and what attitudes teachers’ have towards religious education.In the presentation of previous research, opinions of several international researchers regarding religious education and their thoughts about how a good religious education can be designed will be made.The empirical material has been assembled by doing qualitative semi-structured interviews with teachers at the school mentioned above. This kind of method suits well the aim and questions since the focus will be on trying to understand these teachers way to reason and act. When describing the methods, other problems that can occur during a field study are presented.The results are presented in text but also in diagrams, so that the reader can get a good overview. In the analysis and discussion the results will refer to the previous research.While analysing the empirical material a result was that a majority of the teachers did not integrate religious education in some of their subjects. They did not see it as their task and they meant that it is less important to get absorbed about people’s different beliefs since India is a secular state. You should not give any religion preference so why should you discuss about religions in your teaching? The focus should instead be on acceptance and to teach the pupils to respect each other no matter what. The teachers that did integrate religion in their subjects did this by celebrating religious festivals within the school. Only two teachers practised “ordinary” lessons when teaching about religions.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:religions religious education school field study jiva public didactics of religion faridabad meeting cultures india


Date of Publication:05/10/2008

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