In their words, stories of men with sexual health changes

by Smith, David Clement

Abstract (Summary)
The impact of Erectile Dyst'unction on the sexuality of each of five men was explored using semi-structured interviews. A review of iiterature was completed which included medical, psychology, nursing, various lay information sources (newspaper, radio, and television) and both lay and professional sources on the Internet. The lay literature reveaied a mixture of rnythology and medicine. The intemet review indicated a mixture of unsubstantiated and scientiflc information motivated by monetary gain. The professional literature refiected a polarization of professions with few examples of multidisciplinary groups addressingthe problem of Erectile Dysfùnction. Erectile Dysfiinction impact has been studied f?om a couple's perspective but its impact on individual men has been the focus of very hie research. Five men were hte~ewed and the transcriptions of those discussions were analyzed using Narrative Adysis to reveai the intimate detds of how men perceive their Erectile Dysfimction has aEected themselves, their partners and their worlds. The content and the process of anaiysis led to a schemata put forth here as a mode1 to guide in the assessrnent of men experiencing Erectile Dysfunction. The Smith Model provides a holistic guide to aid in understanding the impact of Erectile Dysfiinction or other unanticipated changes in a man's sexuality. This is accomplished through the examination of the personai meaning of what it is to be a man, partnership factors, family roles and characteristics, and where he is in relation to society which is usually greatly iduenced by his work or retirement stanis. The rich data coilected and considered here enable me to put fonh recommendationsfor fùrther research in sexuality and nursing as well as for the nursing care of those at risk of sexuai dysfûnction.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1997

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