by Karlsson, Carl

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis describes the interference problem between IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth. These well established communication standards are often used together simultaneously. Since both standards operate in the ISM-band at 2.45 GHz, they interfere with each other. In addition to this, interference from e.g. microwave ovens, heating processes, electric motors and cordless phones also occurs on the ISM-band. Due to this interference problem, a model has been developed in MATLAB to further investigate these interferences and the effects for the user.The interference is modelled using the well known Class-A model for impulsive noise. The interference model is parameterized in the model and therefore the noise source(s) is described by a set of parameters derived from real measurements. Models for IEEE 802.11 legacy/b and Bluetooth are based on work published on the user community of MATHWORKS. To get a measure of performance, results from the model are presented as BER (Bit Error Rates) and PER (Packet Error Rates). When Bluetooth is used as a voice link, sound quality can also be performance evaluated directly by simply listening to a voice output file. To be able to track down a specific problem cause, measuring tools have also been included in the model to gain insight into what is causing bit/packet error.A model describing the interference problem has been developed describing the real world usage of the standards by the use of state machines. Due to the complexity of the problem, and also for the model to be user friendly, this thesis is not composed of a thorough mathematical derivation describing BER probability for different modulation forms. The derivations for these has already been done and is therefore summarized and compared to when the model is validated. The model has been developed as a proof of concept for further work to fully support the current and coming IEEE standards for IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:coexistence ieee802 11 wlan wpan 15 middletons interference


Date of Publication:02/08/2008

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