Improvement on cellulose accessibility and reactivity of different wood pulps

by Köpcke, Viviana

Abstract (Summary)
The accessibility and reactivity of cellulose are key parameters on the manufacturing of cellulose derivatives and regenerated cellulose. It is well known that, due to the crystalline structure of cellulose, the accessibility of solvents and reagents is limited. For instance, an inhomogeneous substitution of the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose chain might lead to the production of derivatives of low quality. As a consequence, part of this work has focused on improving the accessibility and reactivity on cellulose by studying the effect of different monocomponent endoglucanases. It has been demonstrated that the presence of the cellulose-binding domain plays an important role on the enhancement of cellulose reactivity; however, the structure of the catalytic domain has been showed to have the highest influence on this parameter. Furthermore, the influence of mechanical treatment prior to enzymatic treatment has been examined. The combination of pretreatments showed a positive effect enhancing to a larger extent the cellulose reactivity.Currently, dissolving-grade pulps are commonly used for the production of cellulose derivatives and regenerated cellulose. The requirements for these so-called “special pulps” are a high cellulose content and a low hemicelluloses and lignin content. As a result of these specific demands, the production costs of these pulps are higher than those of common kraft pulps. The second part of this work, therefore, has been focused on the study on the viability of converting kraft pulps into dissolving pulps. It has been demonstrated that the combination of enzymatic treatments using a monocomponent endoglucanase and a xylanase together with the addition of an alkaline step could fulfil the requirements of a commercial dissolving pulp in terms of cellulose reactivity and cellulose and hemicellulose content.
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School:Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING; Product science; Wood fibre and forest products; cellulose; accessibility; reactivity; enzymatic treatment; mechanical treatment; chemical treatment; dissolving pulp; paper grade pulps


Date of Publication:01/01/2008

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