Improved Frequency Domain Measurement Techniques for Characterizing Power Amplifier and Multipath Environments

by McKinley, Michael Dean

Abstract (Summary)
This work focuses on fixing measurement inaccuracies to which models and figures of merit are susceptible in two wireless communication environments: power amplifier and multipath. To emulate or rate the performance of these environments, models and figures of merit, respectively, are often used. The usefulness of a model depends on how accurately and efficiently it emulates its real-world counterpart. The usefulness of a figure of merit depends on how accurately it represents system behavior. Most discussions on the challenges and trade-offs faced in modeling nearly always focus on the complexity of the device or channel of interest and the resultant difficulty in describing it. Similarly, figures of merit are meant only to summarize the performance of the device or channel. At some point, either in generation or verification of a model or figure of merit, there is a dependence on measured data. Though the complexity and performance of the device or channel are challenges by themselves, there are other significant sources of distortion that must be minimized to avoid errors in the measured data. For this work, the unique distortion of power amplifier and multipath environments is considered, and then errors in measurement which would obscure these distortions are eliminated. Specifically, three measurement issues are addressed: 1) identifying measurement setup artifacts, 2) achieving consistent measurement results and 3) reducing variations in the environment. This work contributes to increasing the accuracy of microwave measurements used in the modeling of nonlinear high-power amplifiers and used in figures of merit for power amplifiers and multipath channels.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Madhavan Swaminathan; Gregory David Durgin; James Stevenson Kenney

School:Georgia Institute of Technology

School Location:USA - Georgia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electrical and computer engineering


Date of Publication:08/19/2008

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