The Importance of Storytelling in Today's Business : A case study

by Erkas, Eivor; Baron, Jennifer

Abstract (Summary)
SummaryThis thesis discusses the possibility for PERSONEC to use storytelling as a strategic communicative concept in its marketing to mediate the brand identity of its organisation. In the search for this, we have chosen to describe the concept of brand identity and storytelling as a draft for the construction of the brand.We have then analysed how storytelling can be applied, and already is, at PERSONEC and also presented some recommendations about how storytelling could be developed by PERSONEC.In this thesis we investigate how PERSONEC communicates and manages its brand identity through the implementation of storytelling. Our main problem is: How can PERSONEC use storytelling as a concept to communicate its brand identity both internally and externally? This in turn involves two sub questions, namely: What is the brand identity of PERSONEC? And: What is storytelling as a concept and how can it be employed at PERSONEC?Data collection has been performed using a qualitative method. In order to find out about brand identity and storytelling, primary data has been gathered through interviews with key personnel at PERSONEC. Secondary data consists of results of surveys on public awareness of the PERSONEC image as well as results from customer satisfaction survey on PERSONEC. The findings have been analysed based on diverse theories on brand and storytelling. Our thesis has in the beginning an explorative approach which at the end results in a conclusive description.Theories, mainly from Aaker (1996) and Kapferer (2003) have been used to investigate the brand identity of PERSONEC. In accordance with their theories, the identity can describe the reality of the organisation and can be a tool to create a unitary illustration of the organisation, to be communicated internally and externally. In our results we have found that PERSONEC is symbolised by knowledge in personnel-, payroll- and financial management in the Nordic region with an experienced and diversified staff.Based on theoretical and empirical material about storytelling we have found key issues of the notion of storytelling. These involve discussions about the concept of storytelling, its area of application and how stories should be structured and also which aspects are important for this process. We consider storytelling as a concept to structure the communication of an organisation both internally and externally. The stories can act as a bridge between the organisation and the outside world and can also simplify description and communication of complex processes and concepts. In order to differentiate itself PERSONEC should continue to use storytelling to communicate its core values in a more emotional and engaging way.Stories reveal. Stories motivate. Stories bind individuals into teams. Stories create solutions.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:brand identity storytelling communicative tool communities


Date of Publication:08/19/2007

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