Implementation of Mobile-IP based Vertical Handoff in a Heterogeneous WiMAX and WLAN

by Huang, Kun-Shi

Abstract (Summary)
Many different wireless technologies have increased the demand of accessing Internet resources through wireless networks. One of the most popular applications is watching multimedia streaming over wireless. However, when a user is roaming in a heterogeneous network, he needs to acquire adequate bandwidth from different wireless access points. In this Thesis, we propose a Mobile-IP based vertical handoff scheme in a heterogeneous WiMAX and WLAN. When a mobile node is in the overlapped area of WiMAX and WLAN, it may have to execute the vertical handoff based on the received average signal strength, the transmitting queue length of network interface, and the available network bandwidth. Our goal is to reduce the influences of RTP-based video streaming when the network is congested and when a mobile node executes the vertical handoff in the heterogeneous network. We implement the Dynamic Mobile-IP based vertical handoff on Linux platform by modifying handoff decisions between WiMAX and WLAN. The above-mentioned performance parameters are implemented as modules on Linux platform. At last, we prove that our scheme can effectively improve packet loss ratio and system processing ratio. As a result, the frame mosaic phenomenon and frame slow-playing phenomenon in RTP-based video streaming can be significantly improved.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Wei-Kuang Lai; Tsang-Ling Sheu; Rung-Hung Gau; Tsung-Chuan Huang; Sheau-Ru Tong

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:linux mobile ip vertical handoff wlan wimax heterogeneous


Date of Publication:06/28/2007

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