Implementation of Conference Control Service in Distributed Conference System [electronic resource] /

by Bhalani, Ashish.

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ABSTRACT: The rapid evolution in the field of technology and information sciences and the boundless yearning among humans along the journey of the growing era has brought a great advancement in the field of communication. This has induced various organizations to put forth better ways of organizing and coordinating work activities with ad hoc task groups along with flexible communication structures. The Distributed Conferencing System (DCS) is a real-time system, which allows sharing of applications, multi-user access to facilities, and greater integration of applications over a Wide Area Network (WAN). DCS v1 had a flat structure of conferences versus the v2 and v2a, which use a hierarchical structure of conferences with a client-server model. The older version (v1) of DCS was designed such that there was a separation of function for group communication and administrative management but with advanced resources and masterminds, the new version (v2 and v2a) was designed, which was different in architecture and implementation from the former one with the primary goal of coordinating all the resources to support a number of group activities, and this was done by coordinating all the components of DCS.
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