Impact of a community pharmacists' care on self-management in type 2 diabetes

by Schapansky, Lisa M.

Abstract (Summary)
The overall objective of this püot study was to meanne the impact of Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) phamüicists in the comm~ty setting on clinid and hum & stic outcomes of people with diabetes. Sixty-two participants with type 2 diabetes were randoxnized to an intervention where they received diabetes care hm CDE pharmacists or control where they received standard pharrnacy se~ces. Resuit demonstrated diffe~nces in phamiacists' level of education and time to provide canin addition to differences in the intensity of care provided between the study groups. Glycemic control in the intervention group significantly improved (p<0.00 1). However, this improvement was not signifimtly different fiom the change in the control group. Smaii, but positive, differences(effect sizes = 0.1 -0.5) were observed for most outcome measures, with small to moderate effect size estirnates. Further shidy is required to determine the Ml impact of CDE phannacists on outcomes of care for people with type 2 diabetes. ''ML understandingof the role of aphmmacist is one of "dispenrer of medication " which hes beenprescribed by a medicul doctor or specialisl. Possibly thk is "old fahioned " mid reason whypharmacy me invoived in this and otherprogram to educate the public and improve healthprogrm. 1 am nue that views will chnge &asticaIly Mer a couple of month ofinvolvement in this resemchprojecf.." - A participant in the intervention group wrote this unsolicited comment on the back of a baseline questionnaire.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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