Impact of the Red Cedar Medical Center community walking program

by Marek, Kathryn L.

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Marek Kathrvn L (Author) (Last Name) (First Name) (Middle Initial) bact of the Red Cedar Medical Center CommunitvWalking Proeram (Title) Food and Nutritional Sciences Dr. Cml Seabom Mav/2005 104wes (Grw F'WF@ (Research Advisor) (Month/Year) (# of Pages) American Psvchological Association. 5' edition (Nameof Style Mahual Used in this Study) Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Many walking programs have been started all over the country, but there has been little research published addressingthe effectiveness of the walking programs. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of the Red Cedar Medical Center CommunityWalking Program. In a quasi-experimental study, 230 (45 men and 184women) participants returned a survey which identified reasons for enrolling in the walking program, motivators, and barriers. Men participated longer in the walking program. The number one reason for enrolling in the program was to lose weight, and 49% of the participants reported that they lost weight. The greatest barrier identified was time and the greatest motivator identified was itnpmved health. Fruit and vegetableconsumption increased. And, 95% of the participants said they would recommend the walking program to a friend. The Red Cedar Medbl Cenier Walking Program wm effective in helping people reachtheir goals. The present study also provided feedback from the participants to help make improvementsto futureprograms
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

School Location:USA - Wisconsin

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:fitness walking health promotion


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