Immunophenotyping and quantitative assessment of circulating lyphocytes of the breed of Curraleiro Cattle

by Miranda Moraes, Júlia de

Abstract (Summary)
The Curraleiro cattle are extremely docile and resistant to infectious diseasesand parasites. They may be used in exploration of low-quality pastures, withoutgreat investments, when other breeds could show a low productivity or evensurvival difficulties. This genetic potential runs risk to extinction due to itsreplace by more productive breeds. The Curraleiro cattle resistence to illness ispopularly known and many works has been published about it, although itsimmunologic system physiology is completely unknown. Such features areplausible reasons for the preservation of this potentially genetic resource. So,the mean aim of this study was to establish an immunological profile by markingand quantification of T and B lymphocytes in Curraleiro breed withimmunocytochemistry. Thus, it was used 116 bovines, male and female, withdifferent ages from two farms situated at Goiás State, Brazil. The animals wereallotted in groups according to age, sex and origin. Blood samples werecollected and processed in accordance with immunocytochemistry standardtechnique using lymphoid markers species-specific, anti-CD3 (MM1A ? BoCD3)and anti-LB (LCTB16A ? clone B-B14), for T and B lymphocytes counting,respectively. All procedures were accomplished at Veterinary School, FederalUniversity of Goiás, Brazil. The data were submitted to descriptive statistics andthen to Kruskall Wallis and Mann-Whitney tests. The results showed decreasedlevels of leukocytes, lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes along theage advance. Absolute values of leukocytes, lymphocytes and T lymphocyteswere higher in males than females. None of the evaluated parameters wereaffected by differences of the management carried out at two farms.
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Advisor:Maria Clorinda Soares Fioravanti; Luiz Augusto Batista Brito

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:imunocitoquímica cd3 lb leucócitos pé duro perfilimunológico leucograma immunocytochemistry leukocytes immunological profile leucogram clinica veterinaria bovino ? raça curraleiro resistência a doenças perfil imunológico bovino? leucócito


Date of Publication:03/03/2008

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