Immunhistochemische Vergleichsanalyse von Primärzellaggregaten und Ursprungsgeweben unterschiedlicher Dignität zur Charakterisirung der in-vitro Anpassung

by String, Andreas Sebastian

Abstract (Summary)
Immunohistochemical Analysis of primary cell aggregates and their origin tissue of different pathology to evaluate adaptation to in-vitro environment Objective: Three-dimensional cell cultures reflect more closely the in-vitro environment then monolayer cultures. Furthermore, organoid cultures, which contain beside the dominant tumor cell also mesenchymal cells and leucocytes are used to study the interaction of these cells in several aspects of the tumor pathology, such as metastasis, angiogenesis and tumor immunology. Materials and Methods: Specimens obtained from thyroid tissue, thyroid adenomas and carcinomas, ovarian cancer and sarcomas were dissolved to single cell suspensions. After incubation under stirring, primary cell aggregates were cultured within 24-48 hours. Cryostat sections were made and stained with markers of epithelial cells, leucocytes, macrophages, endothelial cells as well as E-cadherin, a2-, a4-, a5- und av Integrin chain, IGF-I und EGF receptor, cerbB2 and Cathepsin D using the APAAP method. The immunhistochemical results of the aggregates and their origin tissue were statistically compared using the Mann-Whitney test. Results: Primary cell aggregates could be obtained from up to 90-100% of all probes. Epithelial cells, leucocytes, macrophages and endothelial cells were found equally in aggregates and their origin tissue. Also E-Cadherin, a4-Integrin, IGF-I und EGF receptors, cerbB2 und Cathepsin D were found equally. The a2-, a5- und av integrin chain was expressed in aggregates of thyroid tissue and adenomas, but not in their origin tissue suggesting a de-novo expression. Conclusion: Primary cell aggregates were easily obtained with the used method and could be used as a model in the study of tumor pathology. The different expressions of integrins show an adaptation to the in-vitro environment and could be a reaction to avoid matrix-related apoptosis.
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Date of Publication:04/19/2002

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