If Clouds Are Full of Water: Stories

by Green, William Carey

Abstract (Summary)
My Master’s thesis is a collection of short stories, If Clouds Are Full of Water. The stories in this collection come from my interest in telling the story of the land and the characters who populate it. Often the land plays the role of protagonist or antagonist. Characters are not only connected to the land, but they are often driven and controlled by the land’s governance in their lives. My characters live close to the soil. “Where the Earth Blushed”, for example, illustrates the point of two brothers motivated by their opposing views of what to do with the family farm. This story is closely related to the Cain and Abel story, and both brothers toil against the land. Like most of my work the narrator is third person limited. A few of my stories use first person, but for the most part I believe a third person that stays strictly to one character’s point of view works to tell my stories. “Where the Earth Blushed” is also an example of my desire to saturate my work with images. Landscape and language are thick with reference to figurative and actual blood. “Death In Times Of Bankruptcy” is full of economics and financial language in order to show death as a transaction between humanity and the earth where bodies are deposited. In “Poaching Season” a young boy goes on his first hunting trip. The text includes images of predators and prey. By the end, his language has reversed itself so the boy is taking on predator-like instincts instead of his early prey-like behavior. I believe my work gives attention to the quiet elements of fiction. My characters are often in conflict with those closest to them. For example, in the story “Sophia” a son tries to connect with his father. This lack of love is a common thread in my work. My characters live in a world where there is often no love between people.
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School:Miami University

School Location:USA - Ohio

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Date of Publication:01/01/2006

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