Ämnet Idrott och hälsa och dess betydelse för hälsofrämjande liv : Idrott för idrottare eller är alla lika viktiga?

by Jernberg, Marie; Keränen, Sara

Abstract (Summary)
Keränen, Sara & Jernberg, Marie (2005). Ämnet Idrott och hälsas betydelse för hälsofrämjande liv. Idrott för idrottare eller är alla lika viktiga? En kvalitativ och kvantitativ studie av lärares och elevers uppfattningar om idrott och hälsa samt sambanden dem emellan. (The School Subject Physical Education and Health´s Significance to Promote Health. Physical Education for Athletics or are all the pupils of the same importance? A qualitative and quantitative research about teachers and pupils opinions of physical education and health education and the relationship between the two of them.) Umeå Universitet, Pedagogiska institutionen (Examensarbete lärarutbildning i Idrott, nr ?).We have done this research to investigate if physical education and health education, in the subject Physical education and health, are taught to the pupils as two separate subjects – theory and practice – or if the teachers make it possible for the pupils to see the relationship between the two of them. We also wanted to know if the teachers present their own view on what it means to have good health through their teaching. The last question we were interested in finding out was towards whom the subject Physical education and health is aimed for. Are the pupils who need the most to acquire the knowledge of the subject stimulated? We chose to do our research in four schools, two with a Physical education profile and in two ordinary schools. We did a questionnaire with the pupils in one ninth grad class and carried out an interview with that class’ Physical education and health teacher. The research showed that to attain good health, according to the interviewed teachers, there must or should be interaction between physical education and health education and that there are many different factors that affect our health. Despite this it appeared in the research that the teachers do not follow their words and teach Physical education and health as two separate subjects, theory and practice. However, it seems like there is a connection between the teachers and the pupils view on health. The research showed that the pupils that are physical active in their spare time are the ones who are most positive towards the subject and thereof we, in a shortened and simple explanation, draw the conclusion that the pupils who need the Physical education and health’s knowledge the most are not the ones who get stimulated and satisfied from the lessons in Physical education and health.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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