Identifying factors that influence enrollment in technology education classes at Stillwater High School

by Kapsner, Todd.

Abstract (Summary)
Kapsner Todd G. (Writer) (Last Name) (FirstName) (Middle Initial) Identifving Factors that Influence Enrollment in Technology Education Classes at (Title) Stillwater Area High School Technology Education Dr. Kenneth Welty Aumst/2005 42 (Graduate Program) (ResearchAdvisor) (Month~Year) (# of Pages) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) Fifih Edition (Name of Style Manual Used in this Study) The objective of technology education courses is to develop skills, abilities, attitudes, and work habits to enhance the understanding of the role technology plays in everyone's lives. Since technology education enhances the learning experience in so many ways, it seems reasonable that all students should enroll in technology education classes. However, many students choose not enroll in these courses. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence student perceptions had on their enrollment in technology education classes at Stillwater Area High School. Developing interests, preparing for the future, and social issues are factors that were identified and used in a questionnaireto measure their effect on student enrollment in technology education courses. The questionnaire was distributed to seniors at Stillwater Area High School, which resulted in 252 respondents. The research resulted in the following findings: a) almost half of the students at Stillwater Area High School do not enroll in technology education classes, b) an overwhelming majority of the students at Stillwater Area High School plan to pursue some form of post-secondary education, c) the majority of students at Stillwater Area High School like to work with their hands and make projects while expressing themselves artistically, d) many students at Stillwater Area High School like discovering how things work, while only the males responded with a majority liking to solve technical problems and fix things, e) very few students at Stillwater Area High School took technology education classes to prepare for employment after high school, and f) students indicated that social issues like being in classes with fiends, working in groups and gender were not a significant factor for students when deciding to enroll in technology education courses. College preparation receives priority over the students desire to work with their hands, make projects and discover how things work. Therefore, to increase enrollment and serve a larger population, the technology education faculty at Stillwater Area High School needs to restructure classes to emphasize college preparation.
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