Identification of a physical model to evaluate the rutting performance of asphalt mixtures [electronic resource] /

by Drakos, Christos Andrea.

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: Near-surface rutting has become a costly mode of failure for interstate highways. Even though the pavement is structurally sound, the hazard of water ponding and hydroplaning urges the transportation agencies to rehabilitate the deformed sections. This study was intended to identify a physical model that can provide reliable predictions about a mixture's ability to resist permanent deformation. Analyses performed with the elastic layer analysis program BISAR and the FEM code ADINA provided information on the pavement's response to actual tire loading. The analyses provided evidence that stress states in the pavement are dependent on tire structure. Furthermore, it was found that radial truck tires induce severe near-surface stress states that have been identified as key factors in the mechanism of instability rutting. The APA is a laboratory torture test that subjects a specimen to an accelerated loading sequence. The end result (rut depth) can be then correlated to the rutting performance of the mixture in the field. However, the ability of the test to replicate field conditions in the laboratory determines the reliability of the results.
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School:University of Florida

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