I.T.R.I.P. Intelligent TrafikRegels och InformationsProgram : Ett säkerhetskoncept

by Hallberg, Henrik

Abstract (Summary)
Each year approximately 500 persons die in the traffic on the Swedish roads. The Swedish government has an explicit ambition to radically decrease the number of accidents on public roads. This ambition has been labeled the zero vision. The most serious accidents have been reduced in numbers due to continuous improvements of safety in and around vehicles, but due to increased intensity in the traffic, the number of deaths in the Swedish traffic starts to stagnate at nearly 500 persons per year. Too high speed is a strong contributing factor to fatal or lethal consequences of accidents. In today’s traffic drivers also tend to neglect small speed violations. The idea behind this master thesis is to investigate if in-vehicle information system can contribute to drivers’ attention to their speed in relation to speed restrictions.An experimental investigation was conducted in the driving simulator at Department of Industrial Ergonomics, University of Linköping, Sweden. Sixteen persons participated in the study. Each person drove a scenario three times with different presentation of speed limitation. The results from the test drives corresponded well with the drivers own reflection about the information system. The system had the best effect in areas with speed limits of 70 km/h, when the drivers were unconfident about the legal speed limit.The performance during the tested speed variations in the simulator should be verified in field studies, since data collected in the current simulator setting might be compromised due to a bias in estimations of own speed. However, test results indicate that the tested system should decrease the amount of involuntary speeding and accordingly increase the road safety. Further development and research concerning a system similar to the information system developed during this degree project is recommended by the author.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:04/25/2007

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