IT Revision en ny del i den traditionella revisionen

by Nordin, Anna-Carin

Abstract (Summary)
Aim:Our community is going through a huge change because nowadays information community is replacing the industrial community. This change leaves no human untouched, every one is affected somehow either private or in operational life.The aim with this study has been to create an understanding for my self and the reader how IT development has change the audit and auditors methods and their way of work.Method:Since the aim with this study was to investigate and to get such a full picture of the subject as possible if the IT development has change the audit and the auditors methods and way of work have I chosen to investigate this subject based on quality method in the practical search. My arrangement with the respondents that I choused was to see if there opinion differs from each other if IT development has change there methods and way of work. I choose auditor in similar situations. They all worked in big accounting firms with similar tasks and their customers were both from small and big firms. The plan with this study wasn’t to make a quantity investigation, therefore the respondents wasn’t chosen by random.Result & Conclusions:In this study I have skilled that the IT development has strongly contributed to change the working situation for the audits and the way they work. But it’s not only the IT development that has contributed to these changes. Laws and rules have also have a large affect on the audit and Auditors. The biggest change I discovered in the auditors way of work was that documentation on paper is less common nowadays. Today documentation is done on optical media and it’s not printed out like it used to do. An IT audit is not an isolated audit; it is a part of the traditional audit. The things that are highlighted in an IT audit are that the operating systems, networks and databases all work in a god manner. Another things that are important to look into will be matter such as internal control and security regarding IT. To review these areas use the auditors more often nowadays-special data auditor tools. In today’s business systems ecommerce is integrated with processing controls, which results in more complex systems. To audit this complex systems the market demands for specially educated IT auditors have increased. In both theory and practice it came to light during the work process, that if the IT audit is preformed by auditors with a genuine knowledge of the systems that they are auditing it will accomplish an audit with high credibility. And the audit will be preformed safer and more efficient, which is a benefit for all of society.Suggestions for future research:One of the reasons that emerge during the research to why the market demands a genuine IT knowledge, other than the complexity of the systems, is the law how become active in USA 2002, the Sarbanes Oxley Act. This law was activated after the audit scandals in USA and involve higher demands when it comes to the auditor’s independence and internal control. This law also affects Swedish company’s who is registered on the US stock exchange from 15 July 2005, witch means that they have to take consideration to two different laws. It would be interesting to study how this law will affect the auditors work procedures.Contributions of the thesis:Internet was invented in the sixties and much has happened since then. In the beginning profit was not the motivation with Internet, the users was students in the U.S. and around the world, and their target was to maximize the little computer recourses that was available in those days. At the end of the ninetieth methods has been developed how to use the Internet for distributing information and offer customer services such as ordering, reading and send information around the clock. This has created Internet to expand into a big and profitable marketplace. As a direct consequence of the fast IT growth and the development in the society, the IT technologies are playing a bigger part as a way to success in today’s business processes. If a company wants to survive and make progress in today’s global and highly competitive state of affairs they must keep up with this development. To be able to work with Internet and e-business, must the companies invest in different kinds of information-systems. An information-system is software that is used to control different types of processes for example selling, e-business or finance. These systems are constantly under development and getting more and more complex, for this reason demands on competence of the people who handle these systems are constantly getting higher, both inside the company and on the auditor who will verify these IT systems.
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Date of Publication:09/16/2008

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