IKEAs etablering i Haparanda : Planerade och förväntade effekter för regionen Haparanda-Torneå

by Enberg, Jenny

Abstract (Summary)
The aim with my research is to illuminate the meaning of IKEAs settle in Haparanda, for the region Haparanda-Tornio, its economic growth and its inhabitants. The research has been carried out only through qualitative methods. Some interviews with a range of people from varying companies have been conducted.Haparanda is a smaller Swedish city situated in the north, on the border to Finland and to a city called Tornio. These two cities, Haparanda and Tornio, has realised they are stronger in pairs, so they initiated cooperation across the border. Haparanda-Tornio is not a region of historically welfare and well-being. At least on the Swedish side, high numbers of unemployment, absence from work and many youngsters leaving the region because of pore prospects for the future, dominates. In this case, something very different happened when IKEA, one of Sweden’s most famous home furnishing companies, chose to settle their new store in Haparanda.The settle of IKEA was a joyful message for the region and for the city of Haparanda in particular. A lot of other Swedish companies are now settling in the city as an effect of IKEAs arrival. It is surprising, though, that IKEA chose Haparanda, because of its low number of inhabitants and its geographical position. But, the increasing welfare in the region, satisfactory communication opportunities and the status on the Russian market, are probably factors behind the settle. Also, the Swedish and Finnish membership in the European Union gives them advantages on trading over the borders. Further, the settle in Haparanda give the company access to high number of consumers in four countries. The personal involvement of IKEAs founder, Mr Kamprad, states how exciting and unique this project is.IKEA has become a symbol for the positive development in the region. More people may be offered employment since the municipality believe 1000-1500 new jobs could be the result of IKEA, and other companies settle. The effects on the inhabitants can be described as more opportunities to personal development and a higher well-being, a more shaded life. The region may become central to four countries, not only in consumption, but also in meetings and trade for example. But, the status of the region may grow stronger on the expense of other regions in the north. The language question could also be of high importance again. This is because the majority of the companies are settling on the Swedish side which gives the only Finnish-speaking population limited access to the new jobs.The previous critiques to the region may soften, but new could rise. For example a greater load on the environment is inevitable, but also a social and cultural development that could change Haparanda and Tornio essentially.
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School:Södertörns högskola

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Date of Publication:04/18/2006

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