IDQ Viewer: För enklare Visning av Databasstruktur : Interactive Database Querying : Viewer : För enklare Visning av Databasstruktur

by Widinghoff, Steve; Andersson, Michael

Abstract (Summary)
The social community is structured around data, a lot of that data is stored in different types of databases. The meaning of this essay is to develop an interactive tool that will change the way database visualization is done, and also to research in which fields a tool of this type can be used. With the help of different methods we discovered areas where it could be of use, such as; presentation of a database, development and documentation of a database. The primary goal of the prototype was to make viewing of database structures easier, even people without prior database knowledge should be able to understand the structure. During the development we used prototypes. Their are two types of prototyping, high-fidelity and low-fidelity, both were used during the development. IDQ viewer is a prototype, which shows tables and columns in a database. One of the thoughts behind the tools functionality was that it should be platform independent, and also place independent. The tool became useful in different roles, as a learning tool, a political tool and a technical tool. As a result we can see that the usability of this tool has broadened. There exists a strong public need of tools that will generate this type of database visualization. Further research and further development of new tools are needed in the areas of database visualization.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:idq se interactive database querying query sql viewer view structure


Date of Publication:06/19/2008

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