Hydrologic investigation of coal mine spoil near Howard Williams Lake, Perry County, Ohio

by Turney, Douglas C.

Abstract (Summary)
A hydrologic investigation of a watershed that was affected by underground and surface coal mining activities was conducted near New Lexington, Ohio. A lake located in the watershed, Howard Williams Lake, has a pH of 3.0. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the hydrologic characteristics of the surrounding spoil, which can then be used to develop a remediation strategy for Howard Williams lake. The information contained in this study can also be beneficial for similar hydrologic investigation involving land affected by coal mining operations. The first part of the investigation involved the installation of monitoring wells and extensive surveying of the area. The monitoring wells were then used for conducting slug and pump tests as well as groundwater monitoring. Others techniques used to characterize the site included geophysics and dye tracing. Following the data collection phase of the project was the construction of a groundwater model of the site. Visual MODFLOW was used to model the site and a hydraulic conductivity was found for both reclaimed and un-reclaimed spoil. From the modeling the hydraulic conductivity of reclaimed spoil was found to be 4.5 × 10 -5cm/s and 1.88 × 10 -2cm/s for un-reclaimed spoil. A recharge rate of 2.8 inches per year was found for the reclaimed spoil. The hydraulic conductivity found for the reclaimed spoil from slug tests ranged from 3.68 × 10 -1cm/s to 2.22 × 10 -5cm/s. Pump tests conducted in reclaimed spoil yielded a lower hydraulic conductivity of around 6.0 × 10 -4cm/s. The differences in hydraulic conductivity from the groundwater modeling and aquifer testing methods are possibly due to the pseudokarstic conditions of the spoil. When the spoil is stressed the overall hydraulic conductivity will increase several orders of magnitude as compared to spoil that is not stressed.
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School:Ohio University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:hydrologic investigation coal mining ferric iron


Date of Publication:01/01/1996

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