Hybridation naturelle entre les anguilles américaines et européennes. Ampleur, répartition et stades de vie

by Albert, Vicky

Abstract (Summary)
Since only few studies have evaluated fitness beyond the first hybrid generation, the

evolutionary processes as well as the potential outcome of natural hybridization remain

largely unexplored in animals. Knowing that hybridization occurs between American and

European eels (Anguilla rostrata and A. anguilla), this study aimed at documenting the

dynamics of natural hybridization in order to better understand its potential evolutionary

impact for the two species. AFLP genotypes of 1127 eels were used to identify hybrid

individuals and evaluate dynamics of hybridization. Results provide evidence for i) an

overall hybrid proportion of 15.5% in Iceland, ii) the occurrence of viable later generation

hybrids, iii) a higher proportion of hybrids in the yellow eel samples, and iv) quasiexclusive

distribution of hybrids in Iceland where they tend to increase in proportion with

latitude. This study thus demonstrates that natural hybridization can have an influence on

evolutionary processes in animals and should be considered more formally.

This document abstract is also available in French.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Bernatchez, Louis

School:Université Laval

School Location:Canada - Quebec / Québec

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2006

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