Hur gymnasieläroböcker i fysik behandlar kursplansmål med kvantmekanisk anknytning

by Åman, Ken

Abstract (Summary)
In the national syllabus for the B-course in physics for the Swedish upper secondary school, there are some stated objectives to be achieved. This paper identifies the objectives that have quantum mechanical related content. The aim is then to analyse how five Swedish textbooks for the B-course in physics for upper secondary school describe physics that are related to these identified objectives. One of the books do not have a quantum mechanical description of the structure of the atom and two of the other books lack a quantum mechanical description of the positions of the electrons inside an atom. There is a general problem how spin is presented. All books describe the electronic energy levels and atomic spectra in the light of the atomic model of Bohr. All books do also introduce the photon in the quantum hypotheses of Planck and Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect. The main conclusion of this study is that there are some problems how the textbooks present physics that have quantum mechanical related objectives in general, but in particular those parts that are related to the atomic structure. This can lead to problems for the students to fulfil the goals in the syllabus.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/15/2007

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