Hur mår dagens skolbarn? : En studie av skolbarns hälsa inom Umeå kommun.

by Jonsson, Elin; Fahlén, Helena

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of this survey was to map out the health pf some of the 11 and 12 years old children in the city of Umeå, as well as to find out what factors intend to influense the children´s health. A questionnaire was distributed in four 6th grade classes whitin the municipality of Umeå. Two of the schools were located in the city while two were located in near villages. This selection was decided in order to map out diffrences in health related to the children´s home environment. 80 pupils took part of this study. The answers to the questionnaire were put together whit the SPSS softwere. The results showed that children who was living with both the parents in the same household tend to experience anxiety more often than children who was living with separate parents. Futhermore the study showed that children living in the city very often went home together with a friend or to a friends house after, while children living in the village mainly went home alone to an empty house after school. When comparing the children´s physical exercise habits and their tirednedd, the result showed that children who more often subject to tiredness are those who seldom practise physical exercise as well as those who exercise a lot. Most of the children pointed out that family and friends were the most important factors relevant for a good health.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/18/2005

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