How the emphasis of models, themes, and concepts in professional development changed elementary teachers' mathematics teaching and learning

by Allen, Janet Ginkus

Abstract (Summary)
Three elementary teachers made changes in their mathematics teaching by learning more mathematics content knowledge designed for mathematics teachers, and by adopting professional development teaching roles. Recent professional development programs have demonstrated that elementary teachers need content knowledge for teaching. By learning more mathematics with clear definitions, concept interconnections, and multiple models and themes for teaching mathematical concepts, the teachers improved their understanding of mathematics and changed their teaching behaviors in the classroom. This seven month study examined the three teachers during their professional development experience in the Massachusetts Mathematics Institute. Data collection included pre/post tests, an assignment designed for teachers to test out new content knowledge in their classrooms, written evaluations, interviews, and classroom observations. The pattern analysis is presented as case studies of three elementary mathematics teachers. Results indicated that specially designed content knowledge for teachers changed mathematics teaching and learning in the classroom.
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School:University of Massachusetts Amherst

School Location:USA - Massachusetts

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2008

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