How Will Free Trade Affect The Developmet of Nicaragua? : - An analysis of opinions surrounding a recently signed free trade agreement.

by Otterdahl, Helena

Abstract (Summary)
The centre of interest is the discussion concerning development and free trade in Nicaragua. This thesis rests on theories of Wallerstein, Hammarskjöld, Dahl, and Heidenheimer, and its purpose is to spell out opinions on free trade and predict the future development of Nicaragua.With the title “How will free trade affect the development of Nicaragua?” and the starting point in Hammarskjöld’s way of dealing with development, my questions at issue are:• Is there a correlation between free trade and development?• How will the DR-CAFTA (Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement) affect democracy and corruption in Nicaragua?Opinions are found in articles on the Internet; chosen by a variant of strategic selection. They are analyzed with Content analysis; quantifying words in a coding frame and highlighting key quotes. The prediction of the future development is done according to Delphi Technique and intends to speak only for the articles included in the investigation.This Bachelor Thesis has come to the following conclusions:• There is a correlation between free trade and development in Nicaragua.• There is governmental belief that the DR-CAFTA will improve democracy and grass root fear that the existing democracy will be out watered. About corruption, it is hard to tell.• Nicaragua is likely to develop economically, as trade and foreign investment will increase. People in general are likely to profit, though unjust. Democracy will probably be strengthened, even though there are deep concerns about the way politics are done today.Corruption and transparency has a 50% chance to improve.
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School:Växjö universitet

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:free trade nicaragua hammarskjöld democracy development dependence


Date of Publication:12/10/2007

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