Hospital pedagogical attendance: co-validate an experience and suggesting ideas for the teachers' formation

by Covic, Amália Neide

Abstract (Summary)
The present study has as an objective to present subsidies and ideas for the elaboration ofpedagogical proposal for others hospital contexts, as well as contribute for the teachers'formation in different backgrounds of traditional classrooms.It was used as an investigative scenario the project named Projeto Escola Móvel/AlunoEspecífico in the IOP/GRAACC/UNIFESP.The theoretical axis on which the study is based focused on the aspects of knowledge andteachers' formation, more straight to practical-reflexive.This research was of the qualitative type and had the participation of students/patientsserved by the project, in the period of March/2000 until June/2002. The procedures for thecollection of the data consisted of on individual interview and observation of the classes.The source of the collection of the data were, the interview, classes narratives, communitiesopinion, diary patients' lists supplied by the hospital and the texts ethnography.The principal results point out for the teachers' formation in different backgrounds insteadof those of traditional classrooms, and for the necessity of investigate the background in asystematic and an organized form and then organize the actions. These mean, with thepractice changed by the research, the concept of school culture. These still suggestdiscussions in small teachers' communities and a research with hospital classes that gobesides the self-esteem rescue and they make possible, by the time, to evaluate theperformance of the pupils in their original schools these points out also for the questionsfrom the teacher himself that refer a personal belief, the concerning of work inmultidisciplinary groups, the accepting of challenges impose by the background, the beliefin your capacity of teaching and the capacity of your student to learn and the constantsearching of formation
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Advisor:Myrtes Alonso

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Teachers formation Practical reflexive thoughts Inclusion Hospital pedagogical attendance Learning backgrounds


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