Heymericus de Campo: Dyalogus super Reuelacionibus beate Birgitte : A Critical Edition with an Introduction

by Fredriksson Adman, Anna

Abstract (Summary)
This dissertation contains an edition of Dyalogus super Reuelacionibus beate Birgitte, which is a discussion and defence of the Revelations (Reuelaciones) of St. Birgitta of Sweden (ca. 1303-1373). In legal proceedings at the Council of Basle (1431-1449), the Reuelaciones were accused of heresy, examined and defended. Among the defenders was Heymericus de Campo (1395-1460), who at that time was professor of theology at the University of Cologne. In addition to the formal examination reports, Heymericus wrote a dialogue on the subject. The Dyalogus, which was probably composed as a contribution to a debate, is tentatively dated to have been written between October 1434 and February 17, 1435. The main part of Dyalogus consists of 123 text passages extracted from the Reuelaciones and accused of heresy, and Heymericus’ defence of these text passages. The aim of the defence is to prove that the Reuelaciones are truly orthodox and thus inspired by God. In addition, Heymericus intends to display the reasons and arguments the impugners had for questioning the Reuelaciones. Dyalogus and the other defences were read and copied foremost within the Birgittine order. The judgement passed at the proceedings called for a commentary before the Reuelaciones could be disseminated to the whole of their extent. To the Birgittines the defences of Basle filled this purpose, at least for some time. The extensive introduction of the thesis deals with the historical context of the text, its use and importance, its place within the author’s literary production, the contents and language of the text, and finally the textual transmission. Vadstena Abbey’s copy of the text is chosen as base manuscript for the edition.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:HUMANITIES and RELIGION; Languages and linguistics; Classical philology; Latin language; Latin language; Medieval Latin; Medieval Theology; St. Birgitta of Sweden; visionary literature; Heymericus de Campo; Council of Basle; Birgittines; Vadstena Abbey; heresy; discernment of spirits; dialogue; Latin


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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