Lärares betygsättning : Har elevernas uppförande en inverkan på deras betyg?

by Blom, Samanthi

Abstract (Summary)
Do teachers’ expectations of their pupils become a part in the judgement of which grade a pupil will receive in the end?Several of the polical parties in Sweden have recently been argueing that teachers should be able to give pupils a grade in how they behave in school. Several newspapers also have reported that pupils today have gotten lower results for the last few years and more pupils do not get approved in all subjects. Because many of the studies about pupils results focus on the pupils’ skills, I deciced to focus on the teachers part in how a pupil get a better grade or not.In the study I have been looking at a small community in the south of Sweden. I have sent out a form that teachers in the community’s high schools have been asked to answer. During the study I have also gone to these three schools and done four classroom observations at every school. There I have looked at the environment, how the teacher works and how the pupils react on the teacher’s way of behaving and vice versa.The results of this study has shown that there are more men that choose to include a pupils beahviour when deciding which grade she should get. There is also a tendency that shows that even if teachers themselves do or do not weigh in pupils behaviour, the teachers overall think that it´s more likely that their companions do so.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:teachers expectations behaviour gender differences environment


Date of Publication:02/26/2008

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