Haptic Control and Operator-Guided Gait Coordination of a Pneumatic Hexapedal Rescue Robot

by Guerriero, Brian A

Abstract (Summary)
The Compact Rescue Crawler is a pneumatic legged robot. Two legs of a hexapod were designed and built. The legs are controlled directly from operator inputs. The operator gives foot position inputs through two PHANToM haptic controllers. A PD controller with a supplementary force gain-scheduler control stroke lengths of each cylinder. The force-based position control technique allows the robot feet to track operator inputs to within 10% position error. A guided gait algorithm was developed to allow the operator to control all 6 legs simply by haptically guiding the front two. The operator records successful and collision-free trajectories and the gait coordinator plays the trajectories through the rear legs as they approach the detected obstacles. This hybrid gait algorithm allows the robot to proceed through a hazardous environment, guided by an operator, but without taxing the input capabilities of the human operator.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Book, Wayne; Paredis, Christiaan; Lipkin, Harvey

School:Georgia Institute of Technology

School Location:USA - Georgia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mechanical engineering


Date of Publication:07/10/2008

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