Handelsbanken i Gävle : En studie om konsten att hitta rätt arbetskraft

by Wedin, Nadja; Borbos, Carolina

Abstract (Summary)
When it comes to a service company it is very important that one has good workingcolleagues because their primary task is to serve the customers and to market the company.The employee is working in the “front” and they are with the customers the most importantmarket for a company. Therefore it is necessary to hire the right employees with the rightquality from the beginning. This means that the companies have to be very careful and put alot of time and effort on the recruitment.Urban Dalborg who is the personnel manager of Handelsbanken, tells us about his andHandelsbanken´s problem with the misleading image that students have about them.Consequently Handelsbanken´s problem to reach out to the right students as potentialemployees. The purpose with our thesis is to investigate how Handelsbanken through the rightmarketing can market them as an attractive place of work. To fulfil our purpose we haveexamined the students understanding of Handelsbanken as a potential place of work, howHandelsbanken can be able to attract young employee’s and how Handelsbanken can usedifferent way of marketing to reach out to students that fit in of their organisation. We havedelimited our study to the University of Gävle and the University of Sundsvall.We have chosen to use both the qualitative and the quantitative methods to examine ourproblem. The qualitative method which is carried out by interviews help us to get a deeperknowledge about which different ways of marketing are available in the both schools. Thequantitative method has been conducted through a survey on students of both schools.The conclusion of our study is that the students who do not have Handelsbanken as their bankdo not have any knowledge about the bank. This awareness affects students for not seekingjob in the Handelsbanken. 85 % of the students participating in the study could see them selfworking at a bank in the future. Just 5 % can not see them selves in that kind of position andthe rest answer that they do not have a clue about their future. This shows that Handelsbankenhas a good chance to attract young competence when so many students can think to work at abank in the future.However the study is not representative for all the students when we just have asked a part ofthe students on two different schools.The conclusion also includes which measure we would like to recommend Handelsbanken toreach out to the right students as potential employees.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:channels of marketing young labour students handelsbanken


Date of Publication:03/12/2007

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