Jönköpings Hamn

by Cancino, Milton; Milhajlovic, Darko

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractThis thesis presents a proposal of a pier for the future in the town of Jönköping. The proposal is based on individual ideas and desires to develop the Harbor Pier of Jönköping from the municipality as well as the interest of partners.BackgroundJönköping is a town that has been under constant development for the past five years. The main goal for the municipality is to unite the town center and one of many plans is to create a new entertainment corridor. At the same time it is important that the Harbor Pier follows this development and improves, so that its strategic position does not get lost. According to the Office of City planning in Jönköping there is a pressure on the municipality to create a more tourist friendly Harbor Pier with additional activities. The commission that we were given was to construct a vision of the pier area with the help of the partners needs. The Office of City planning is the orderer of this project.Implementation, Result and ConclusionTo create understanding and setting of the paper we have gathered historical facts about the pier area and interviewed important partners for the thesis. Fieldtrips have been done for inspiration and collection of information that relates to the different conditions that creates a harbor. The sketches and drawings have regularly been edited and corrected because of the constant change of ideas. On the basis of this we have supplied a building program that resulted to the design of the Harbor Pier. Together with our own thoughts, the outcome of this is a proposal of the future Harbor Pier of Jönköping.This proposal presents five different areas that have been analyzed and prepared in detail. The design has resulted to a new entry to the Harbor Pier that is more functional and attractive than the one that exists today. The proposal also presents a new harbor for smaller boats that connects to a youth hostel along with a bath and a recreation area. A new complex has enriched the pier arm where the town sailing society has their activities today. This complex consists of a marine shop that integrates with a restaurant. A stage has also been established in this area to promote the towns’ cultural life and upbeat the nightlife of Jönköping. To finally create a feeling of tourism in Jönköpings’ harbor, sandy beaches have been planned east of the existing restaurants. This result has also been produced in a three-dimensional environment to gain the understanding of the new vision.The conclusion of this thesis is that the different partners’ wishes have been fulfilled at the same time as our own ideas have resulted into a socially functioned harbor with many different activities and an exiting environment.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/28/2006

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