HIAB i rörelse - en studie kring motivation vid förändring

by Szmidt-Devall, Sabina; Stark, Linda

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: This essay is written to illustrate the complexity about organizational changes and how these can affect the people who work in a company. The purpose of this essay is to examine changes in a company sensitive to economic fluctuations in the engineering industry. We want to find understanding about how changes may affect the motivation and loyalty among the employers at the engineering floor.Method: The main approach in this essay is that we adopt a reflective attitude in our research. In investigations that is a way of relating to the “reality”, where the objectivity doesn’t have to be in focus. Theories have been found during the writing process and we have construe and reflect on that data. Qualitative method was a great part in the study where we interviewed six persons at HIAB AB. HIAB is a global company active in the engineering industry. We talked to the management on the factory which was the CEO and the head of the personnel, the stuff which was three employers from the production and the trade-union leader. We asked questions to them about organizational changes in general and the resistance against that, and the affects of motivation and loyalty. We also discussed about an ongoing changing project, called “On the move”.Result & Conclusions: The study gets a result that shows the connection between organizational changes and motivation and loyalty among the employers. If there is an extensive change where an individual affects negative the motivation as well as loyalty subsides, and vice verse, if there is a change that affects an individual positive the motivation and the loyalty rise. A company could get more profit if they start to work more with value added issues as motivation and loyalty among the employers.Suggestions for future research: Further research in this area could be that after a while evaluate the ongoing project “On the move”. How well did it go and did the company reach their visions and goals about the project. The head of the personnel had a theory that there is a connection between numbers of employees and disloyalty. If the number of employers arise above a hundred the risk of disloyalty is higher. That thesis could be interesting to study closer.Contribution of the thesis: We think that this essay contributes with awareness about organizational changes and the difficulty that is related to handle the human beings and their motivation and loyalty in situations which arises in a company.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

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Date of Publication:09/16/2008

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