Granskning av reklamationer och dess orsaker hos Sävsjö Trähus AB : Review of complaints and reasons for that at Sävsjö Trähus AB

by Andersson, Niklas

Abstract (Summary)
House production is a process where high quality thinking is important in order to avoid customers complaints. The niche of Sävsjö Trähus AB (STAB) is to adapt each house as close as possible to the specific requirements of the costumer. This complicates the production process of the houses and also increases the risk of possible complaints. During 2006 STAB had complaints orresponding to approximately 3,1 millions SEK. The aim and the purpose of this study is to examine the complaints, the checkpoints and the different stages in the process of house building in order to counteract the origin of complaints and to give advise that can reduce the number of inspection remarks.One result of the study is a division of complaints in damages that are physically caused and problems that are caused by wrong decisions - caused of lack of communication between involved persons. In order to counteract the origin of complaints more intensive and clearer information should be exchanged among involved parties e.g. with the help of the business programme Pyramid. 3D blueprints should also be made in order to communicate what the house will look like when it is finished. This will make the customer aware of what has been decided in an early stage. Another recommendation is a change of the salesmen’s education in order to get a better overall vision of the house production (go beside a salesman, a draughtsman, production personnel and finally maybealso participate in a house rising). STAB should also continue to reward salesmen that achieve no remarks at the inspection. Further STAB should commit skilled installers or engage own assembly staff under STAB or under the salesman and demand that this staff makes all of the house risings. Further STAB should to subcontractors emphasize the need for improved packaging of woodwork.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:complaint control points damages plan of action


Date of Publication:08/22/2007

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