A Grammar of the Hoava Language, Western Solomons

by Davis, Karen

Abstract (Summary)
Restricted Item. Print thesis available in the University of Auckland Library or available through Inter-Library Loan. This thesis is a descriptive grammar of the Hoava dialect of the Hoava-Kusaghe language, an Austronesian language spoken in New Georgia, Western Solomon Islands. The thesis establishes that Hoava and Kusaghe, previously regarded by linguists as separate languages, are the two main dialects of one language. Kusaghe variants of Hoava dialects forms, and an overview of Hoava and Kusaghe culture history are included. The main focus of the thesis is an examination of the Hoava phrase and clause structure, using the model of Foley and van Valin's functional grammar to organise the description the clause. Verbs are divided into six categories, according to the number of arguments, and which of two transitivising suffixes may be used. The core of the clause, the verb phrase and any obligatory arguments, is discussed separately from the peripheral elements of the clause, such as the time and space setting. Multiclause structures are described, as well as variations from the unmarked VSO clause structure. The most notable feature of Hoava syntax is the use of an applicative construction to allow the use of additional noun phrase arguments in a clause. Hoava uses the applicative construction to create both ditransitive and monotransitive verbs. Although most studies of the applicative have concentrated on the benefactive applicative, Hoava primarily uses the ditransitive construction to create instrumental applicatives. There is also extensive use of monotransitive applicatives to supply a 'motive' argument, as well as a concomitant argument for verbs of movement. The use of the motive applicative is extended to passive verbs, permitting the addition of a passive agent argument. The applicative suffix is -ni, most probably derived from either the Proto Oceanic prepositional verb *ni or the Proto Oceanic transitive suffix *aki(ni) Hoava Kusaghe Austronesian New Georgia Applicative Descriptive
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School:The University of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau

School Location:New Zealand

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/1997

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