Geomorfologisk kartläggnng av Kungsbäckens avrinningsområde

by Sjö, Maria; Tähtikivi, Annelie

Abstract (Summary)
In year 2000, the EU Water Framework Directive was adopted and by 2015, all European watersheds have to be established. The purpose with the directive is to create an overall view over the water resources in Europe and to get a comprehensive legislation. SMHI in Sweden has already established a few watersheds around the country. An overall view of the water resources together with knowledge of the geology is a requirement to a sustainable development and an effective taking care of the nature resources. Within the physical planning, the geology knowledge is very important. For example, it is vital to know the quality of the ground when planning new building complexes.The purpose with this bachelor thesis was to establish the watershed of Kungsbäcken and to do a geomorphologic survey of the area. The thesis also aimed to describe some of the fluvial morphologic presences, in a part of Kungsbäcken, i.e. from the outflow to Gavleån at Stora Vall, to the viaduct at Regementvägen.By doing the study as a combination of physical geography and GIT, the possibilities to do different types of analyses and calculations, on the basis of the nature resources in an area and the modern technique are pointed out. Furthermore, the result from this study will be given to SMHI. The result may be of benefit to SMHI, when mapping the watershed of Kungsbäcken later on.To make the geomorphologic survey of the watershed and to establish the boundaries of it, literature, earlier studies in the area, terrain- , rock, - soil maps and aerial photos were studied. Moreover, out of date-boundaries established by SMHI were used, together with an analogue analysis, based on the printed terrain map 13H SV. We also used a flow model, based on a digital elevation model over the area. The study also contained field trips. Three areas with uncertain boundaries were studied and with flow direction instruments and ocular examination, the boundaries were established. Field trips of geomorphologic interest were also made, like studies of recessional moraine and roch moutonnée.By field trips, analyses, digitizing and literature perusal, the boundaries of the watershed of Kungsbäcken has been established and the area is 105.4 km2. The result of the geomorphologic survey of the area can be seen in a map (appendix 1). Apart from that, concepts and nature phenomena are also described in the report along with observations of the benefits of studies like this one.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/15/2006

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