Generationsskifte : av familjeägda jord- och skogsbruksföretag

by Olaison, Emeli

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of this thesis is to present, investigate and especially to analyse the legal rules that apply in the process of changing of the generation of the ownership of Swedish agriculture and forestry family business. The methods that this study include are: unplanned succession of ownership, i.e. inheritance, and planned succession of ownership, i.e. gift and purchase. The succession method that is the most cost efficient must be established in every single case depending on the situation of the current owners and the successors. Even a combina-tion between the different methods is possible. The different legal areas that apply in the process of change of generation are Family law, which is one of the cornerstones, Tax law as well as the laws of finance. The “soft” issues, i.e. relationship related, constitute a great part of the process of succession and are therefore in many ways decisive to a successful change of generation of the ownership of a family business.Unplanned succession of ownership is often the result of the owner passing away. In the absence of a legal will the possessions will be portioned to the surviving relatives according to the laws of inheritance, which may lead to undesired consequences. When the estate inventory is registered, among other issues, a tax is imposed on the forestry account. The consequence of this is that the estate, as a legal entity, must remain for several years, in order to avoid high taxation, which leads to, shared ownership between the legatees.A change of generation by the methods of gift or purchase, carried out during the lifetime of the older generation, would benefit from considerable planning. Too many and complicated legal rules make it difficult for the owner of a private business to survey what impact each method will have long term. Therefore, it is important to strive for the simplification of these laws. Two of the principles of Swedish tax law, that this thesis analyse, decide in an unsatisfactory way which method to choose for succession of ownership, which is why a change of the law is necessary.It is also necessary to simplify the legal rules to entice a new generation of entrepreneurs into agriculture and forestry, who have ambitions of development and growth.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:succession of ownership change generation agriculture forestry


Date of Publication:09/26/2007

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