Funktionsentreprenad för beläggning och vägmarkering

by Axelsson, Johan; Göransson, Nicklas

Abstract (Summary)
This report is written in cooperation with the Swedish National Road Administration South-Eastern Region in Jönköping. The report is a result of the evaluation to give an answer to the question about how well the function contract has been carried out on the E4 in Östergötlands and Jönköpings län. The evaluation is divided in two hard parameters and one soft.The Swedish National Road Administration is interested in knowing how the standard on the road have been changed during the functions period, which is the reason why the first hard parameter is considering road standard. To evaluate the standard there have been a comparison of values from measures taken every year on the current road stretch. The second hard parameter considers economy. The Swedish National Road Administration wants to know if there are any economic reasons to continue this sort of purchasing, which only contains requirements of functions. The third and last parameter contains experiences from each part of the function contract and what each part thinks about this kind of contract.The result of the research dealing road standard indicates a clear increase of standard ensuring roughness and road markings. In an economic point of view the function contract shows many benefits, one of them is that the Swedish National Road Administration South-Eastern Region has paid a smaller amount of money compared to the calculated cost of purchase the same measures in a traditional contract. Based on the answers from the interviews the overall opinion of the function contract is very good, from each part of the function contract.The final conclusion is that this kind of contract suits very well for this sort of project and that the Swedish National Road Administration South-Eastern Region should use this kind of contract for the E4 also in the future.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:10/11/2007

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