Full scale static lateral load test of a 9 pile group in sand /

by Christensen, Dustin Shaun

Abstract (Summary)
Much research has been done to study the effects of spacing in laterally loaded pile groups and how the pile spacing affects lateral resistance of the piles. In this test a 9-pile group of steel piles was installed in a 3x3 configuration in sand. The piles were spaced from center-to-center at a distance of 5.65 pile diameters in the direction of the load. The pile group was laterally loaded and instrumented to collect deflection, load, and strain data. A separate single pile was similarly instrumented and tested for comparison to the pile group. The soil profile consisted of a top layer of sand about 2.5 meters deep underlain by alternating layers of fine grained soil and sand. Analysis was done in order to determine p-multipliers for the rows in the pile group.
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School:Brigham Young University

School Location:USA - Utah

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:piling civil engineering lateral loads sand pile groups p multipliers 5 65 diameter spacing


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