Fuktens påverkan på utegipsskivor under byggtiden

by Silfwerbrand, Erik; Sveder, Johan

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis is a study of humidity at Knauf Danogips external plasterboard. The study is performed at the building project Kv. Maskinen in Jönköping in cooperation with NCC Construction AB and Knauf Danogips. The measuring was performed during five winter/spring months to see how the weather influenced the plasterboard.The measuring was performed at a small two-storied building and a larger fourstoried building. From the buildings` placement were a couple of measuring dots selected and to get a good result was the dots located in the four cardinal points. The dots were chosen equally on each level. To get a minimal influence on the plasterboard were the measuring performed with pin-meter which gives an exact result and is easy to use. The results were analyzed considered to RH, temperature and precipitation. The statistics came from the data base of SMHI.In regular circumstances the boards have a humidity of 8-13 % on delivery. But the humidity of the board rises during storage because they want to be balanced with the humidity of the surrounding air. Despite of the stabilization with the surrounding the humidity, in DUE 9, is low if the board is not exposed of snow, rain or liquefied snow. The results of the measuring at the small two-storied building and the larger four-storied building shows that the humidity is below the upper moisture limit for the plasterboard to be built into a wall construction. No visual damage was spotted on the boards and no connection between the humidity and the weather was observed.The study shows that Knauf Danogips strengthened external plasterboard DUE 9 manages the circumstances during the measuring period. It should be observed that the weather has been extremely good for the use of external plasterboards. According to Knauf Danogips should the plasterboard not be used in environments were RH exceed 85 % and our study shows that RH is almost exceeding 85 % during the whole period. But since RH depends on the temperature should it not be any problems to use the board during the winter.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/30/2006

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