From Conventions To Creative A Conceptual Model Of Multicultural eams¡¦Divergence and Convergence

by Wu, Chengyu

Abstract (Summary)
When a multicultural team is formed of say six individuals of different cultural backgrounds, there will be potential conflicts and greater varieties. However, there will be a ¡§normal¡¨ curve forms the range and permissible boundaries of a team. In concept, this normal distribution is the ¡§calm¡¨ state when the team is not active (norms). The potential is the range of team members¡¦ abilities/differences (divergences). To be able to reach the potential and perform is part of the team¡¦s goal (convergences & attributions). But to expect something more than expected is cultural synergy (break the original boundaries). The factors that will be considered as diverging forces are the differences that are born (already exists) when the team is formed. In order to model these cultural factors and estimate these cultural differences, Hofstede cultural dimensions are used. The factors that will be considered as converging forces are what each individual believe in such as perspective taking and self-leadership. These values are projected from the assessments of team individuals. The factors that will be considered as supporting forces (attribution factors) are how each member interacts with one another during the process. These are each individual behavior and personality. Therefore, from the perspective of divergence and convergence to see how cultural differences influence the teams and talk about their possible behaviors and reasons behind them is a conceptual way to look at the team. Based on the concept described above, the analysis of these different forces on multicultural teams is conducted. Using these factors, the paper explains/examines: l Cultural and individual values differences l Wish to base on the findings from the research to make helpful inferences on the learning and performance of multicultural teams. l Cultural divergent factors l Individual convergent factors l Individual attribution factors l Cultural synergy
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Advisor:Robert Chen; William Chao; Gary Hu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:conventions convergence creative a conceptual model of multicultural teams divergence


Date of Publication:01/19/2006

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