Fostran i skolan : en empirisk studie om vad lärare kan innefatta i begreppet fostran

by Nieroth, Niclas; Wiktorsson, Hanna

Abstract (Summary)
In the previous essay, we have carried out a study which aims to bring about an insight into the reasoning of teachers, teaching the lower levels of compulsory school, as regarding the notion of child rearing.Earlier research reveals that the concepts found in the course of instruction can be interpreted as vague and ambiguous. It is therefore important to investigate how teachers themselves apprehend their situation. As teachers to be, we find it interesting to get more involved in the realities of working teachers.The collection of data has been carried out with the aid of interviews that we have analysed in a qualitative matter. Our study has the character of a discourse analytical study with an aim to investigate how teachers talk about the notion of child rearing and how that same notion is perceived.The results show up a multifold of varied opinions; there seems to be a rather large insecurity as to what the notion of child rearing actually entails and, mainly, how they as teachers should position themselves as regarding this notion which is thought of as very complex. Our result shows that it is each teacher’s personal interpretation that governs the interpretation of the notion of child rearing.Further on, there is a discussion containing, amongst other things, the responsibilities of the school and the parents, interpretations of the course of study, the foundations of values as well as the ethical language of teachers. Earlier research on the subject is reflected upon and accounted for.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/19/2008

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