by Franco, Jussara Botelho

Abstract (Summary)
This study of case paper aims to comprehend the means given for a male and female works group in their relationships and socio-environmental through the educational experience promoted by Feeding Union, through Integrar Project that certificated the primary school. The purpose is analyse the implications and repercussions from this experience in their lives and improve their critic consciousness. The concept of this construction is a real dimension of the work in human?s constitution, it has socio-historic approach ? that comprehend the subject through it social and historic activities constituted in relationships ? like a background that will apprehend searches subjects. The theoretical to build and analyse educational aspects ? non-formal and environmental ? was transformer educational, the pedagogy of the oppressed toward their freedom. The qualitative approach was in dialectical knowledge; theoretical-methodology build, the procedures to organise, analyse and interpret interviews semi-organized, before interpreted by Freire, using Tema Gerador and it other themes. The analysis showed that the experiences had surpassed naive vision of the world through a critic consciousness everyday, in their same socio-economic class community and relations inter and intra-psychologic to the searches. They had their decisions besides of the material need, but like a citizenship assertion, human dignity and capacity to guide their destinies with autonomy, the subjectivity is a battlefield to overcome contrary socio-environmental conditions. To this supposed transformation really work, be necessary it constantly organisation while work class, discussing and assessing all movements and transformations from real to the transformer actions.
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Advisor:Susana Inês Molon; Gaudêncio Frigotto; Aloisio Ruscheinsky; Marta Regina Cezar-Vaz

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Transformed environmental education adults consciousness citizenship changed


Date of Publication:09/02/2005

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