Flygallianser : Nyckeln till framgång

by Jenmert, Jonas; Lundberg, Marcus

Abstract (Summary)
The main purpose with our survey was to analyze if strategic alliances within the international airline business have led to increased profitability and strengthened the competitive advantage for the members of the alliance.For our study we focused on Star Alliance and analyzed the development of the selected profitability indicators for the five members that founded it. We also analyzed the same indicators for four airlines that for the time period of the investigation were not members of a strategic alliance. These four airlines were used for purpose of comparison.Our selection was made on the basis that there were these five airlines that founded the alliance and that Star Alliance was the first of its kind. The selection of the four airlines of comparison was made on the basis that these four airlines, for the studied time period, were not members of a strategic alliance.We made the study by collecting information from the airlines annual reports for the years 1994 to 2004 and tried to discover any kind of differences for the time before and after the alliance was founded. To increase the credibility of the study we made a statistic hypothesis test to detect if there were any significant differences, regarding the profitability indicators and the competitive advantages, between the airlines within Star Alliance and the airlines of comparison.The result of our study was that no legible improvement could be proven for the airlines that founded Star Alliance. We could detect that the comparison airlines we used for the survey had a similar development regarding the chosen profitability indicators and the competitive advantages. When no differences could be proven between these airlines, we drew the conclusion that the members in Star Alliance had not improved the studied indicators, to any greater extent than the airlines that were not members of a strategic alliance.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:airline alliance


Date of Publication:02/08/2007

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