On a Finite Element Approach to Modeling of Piezoelectric Element Driven Compliant Mechanisms

by Tjiptoprodjo, Ranier Clement

Abstract (Summary)
Micro-motion devices may share a common architecture such that they have a main body of compliant material and some direct actuation elements (e.g., piezoelectric element). The shape of such a compliant material is designed with notches and holes on it, and in this way one portion of the material deforms significantly with respect to other portions of the material a motion in the conventional sense of the rigid body mechanism. The devices of this kind are called compliant mechanisms. Computer tools for the kinematical and dynamic motion analysis of the compliant mechanism are not well-developed. In this thesis a study is presented towards a finite element approach to the motion analysis of compliant mechanisms. This approach makes it possible to compute the kinematical motion of the compliant mechanism within which the piezoelectric actuation element is embedded, as opposed to those existing approaches where the piezoelectric actuation element is either ignored or overly simplified. Further, the developed approach allows computing the global stiffness and the natural frequency of the compliant mechanism. This thesis also presents a prototype compliant mechanism and a test bed for measuring various behaviors of the prototype mechanism. It is shown that the developed approach can improve the prediction of motions of the compliant mechanism with respect to the existing approaches based on a comparison of the measured result (on the prototype) and the simulated result. The approach to computation of the global stiffness and the natural frequency of the compliant mechanism is validated by comparing it with other known approaches for some simple mechanisms.
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Advisor:Zhang, W. J. (Chris); Kushwaha, Radhey Lal; Hertz, P. Barry; Gupta, Madan M.; Dolovich, Allan T.; Chen, X. B. (Daniel)

School:University of Saskatchewan

School Location:Canada - Saskatchewan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:finite element modeling compliant mechanism pzt actuator ansys


Date of Publication:04/13/2005

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